USB3.0 AOC Application


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Windows® Multipoint® Server 2012 is Windows solutions that allow multiple users, each with their own independent and familiar Windows experience, to simultaneously share one computer. User stations, consisting of a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, are directly connected to the host computer through USB3.0 AOC . Because Multipoint Server is a genuine Microsoft published software product, when properly licensed, you are eligible to receive support by Microsoft or an authorized partner. This gives you the full capabilities of Windows, access to all the latest updates, and confidence that you are achieving the experience you expect. Because Multipoint Server enables multiple users to share one computer, it can provide a low-cost alternative to traditional computing scenarios where each user has their own computer.

Schematic Diagram

Application examples [a set of sites that host connections 12]




TV Wall

Schematic Diagram

Application Examples

Host computer through a 100-meter USB 3.0 AOC, connected to the 4-port USB 3.0 hub, a few meters short of convergence four USB 3.0 copper Jian, and then through 4 USB to HDMI multimedia adapter, connect four short of a few meters HDMI copper Jian, access to 4 TVs.